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Downloadable content

All hosted, downloadable content on this page is either publicly available on the Internet or here with the author’s permission. Citations are given when author content is known. Some are external links; please report any broken links you find. Syntax files on this page open directly in many browsers, right-click and save the file to open later in SPSS.


General Social Survey (GSS)

Spans 1972-2010, available as a cummulative, multi-year dataset or by individual year in various data formats on the GSS website.

Metro Chicago Information Center

      • Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
        • Numerous datasets covering a wide variety of subject and years all publicly avialable in SPSS and other data formats. Just browse till you find something you like. Data sourced from various authors, methodology and codebooks will differ.
        • ICPSR website
      • European Social Survey(ESS)
        • Multi-institutional effort to survey 30 European countries through 5 rounds of surveys between 2002-2010. Each round is a dataset; the content is in English. Content is free to download, but a brief, free registration is required.
        • ESS Website

My MPS 580 Quantitative Methods 1 weekly handouts (Word doc), permission courtesy of my former professor Garth Taylor, Ph.D.

SPSS materials

    • Presentation Quality (PQ) Gallery — Excel file shows different ways to display data in high quality tables and charts, suitable for articles and presentations. Be sure to look at the different tabs in the file, there are many of them. Courtesy of Garth Taylor, Ph.D.